Developing Gas For Basic Lubrication Materials

gas-site If during this time a lot of car engine oil using mineral oil as the base ingredients, then Shell successfully developing content contained in the natural gas to be converted into a full synthetic lubricant base material. Shell has developed technology of gas-to-liquid (GTL) is able to turn natural gas into a base material for lubricants. This technology was patented in the name of Shell’s rights PurePlus Technology. This technology was first created at Shell Technology Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In a pilot plant in Amsterdam, Shell technology experts has created a catalyst and molecules that will be distilled into a basic material products PurePlus.

Currently, the base material is produced commercially in Pearl GTL plant in Qatar. According to General Manager of the Technical Shell Bulk Fuels and Lubricants Indonesia, GTL technology is one technology that is currently being developed in the world because of its ability in processing natural gas to produce synthetic base material performance similar to the products of petroleum derivatives, even with better quality. “Shell PurePlus Technology is able to convert natural gas into the base material crystal clear without any impurities such as that typically found in petroleum,” he said.

Explained further GTL is a refining process that converts natural gas into a series of hydrocarbons such as base oil, kerosene or diesel fuel, through a series of controlled chemical reactions (Fischer-Tropsch process) that is changing Methane gas (CH4) into a series of carbon and hydrogen atoms. And this new molecule that will be refined into GTL products including base oil PurePlus. Shell PurePlus Technology capable of producing the basic materials that can improve the performance of the machine because it has a high viscosity index, low evaporation and has a very good flow properties for a temperature lower than the usual basic lubricant is used for this. This means, lubricant technology this PurePlus able to increase engine life, minimizes maintenance costs, improve fuel economy and keep engines clean.

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