All New Vios TRD Sportivo Released

toyota-vios-trd-sportivo_4The presence of TRD variant is the more complete the line-up Toyota Vios from four to six variants. Variant was accidentally introduced in IIMs as a loyal Toyota customer appreciation addressed to the public at the same time that IIMS is a window for the national automotive industry.

When viewed changes almost the same as the TRD version brings changes to the exterior side. Some new ornaments like aerokit also participated pinned from the front spoiler, day time running light, side skirts and TRD striping, sert rear bumper spoiler for the rear. As for the mesinya no change at all was still carrying the 1.5L 16 Valve DOHC engine.

Vios TRD Sportivo is a product that worked directly by the nation of Indonesia, Vios TRD version itself was new only in Tahiland and Indonesia. “The process itself takes develompmentnya the take over 12 months. While testing using TRD ornament has been done up to 5000 km by road diverse,” said Doni Yowono, Department Head – Life Improvement Model.

For the price, the All New KIA TRD adrift priced at Rp 16 millions of type G or more Vios Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo full of Rp 286.750 million to 299.350 million USD manual and automatic variants.

All New Vios TRD at Toyota salatiga dealer :