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Be selective in your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

When you truly believe in what you are doing, it shows. And it pays. Winners in life are those who are excited about where they’re going.


Determinants Dynamics of Pests and Diseases

The incidence of pests and diseases in rice caused by several factors such as growing season, plant stadia, way of cultivation, natural enemies, act of control, and cropping patterns.

The growing season for example, drought, pests and diseases of rice were generally arise based on the level of severity is the rat, followed by stem borers, and walang sangit. Therefore, measures focused on pest control mice.

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New Serena Facelift 2015

Nissan MPV mainstay that has been introduced since 2004 will soon experience a mild facelift to keep the title as the number 1 in its class MPV. No wonder, because in Japan and neighboring countries, Malaysia, Nissan Serena has undergone a facelift there. This information is easy once we get, even though we do not get a picture spyshot Nissan Serena in Indonesian official and an official statement, because if you ask the sales of units sold by Nissan to buy a Nissan Serena, they only offer a variant of the Nissan Serena with NIK 2014.

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Tucson 2015 Makin Dashing

After the teaser disseminate the latest generation Tucson, Hyundai finally released the full picture of the Hyundai Tucson in 2016 which now looks much more cross-eyed, like a mini version of the Hyundai Santa Fe. Hyundai Motor Group’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer describes that Tucson now has a body that is more bold and athletic than ever before. “The All-New Tucson has a bold and athletic design is achieved through the grooves are smooth and flowing design, the proportion of thick, sharp lines and most importantly, our latest generation hexagonal grille which is the Hyundai brand identity,” says Schreyer.

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Strada Triton Review

strada-triton-hi-power-2014Does not want to stay silent about competitors’ Mitsubishi products increasingly biting double cabin in the Indonesian market with new products, despite not having a new variant, the Strada Triton has always been best selling 4WD double cabin is rejuvenated and given a new engine which is more powerful by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Strada Triton 2014 VGT is the same as that used by the Pajero Sport Dakar is powered 178 hp and 408 Nm of torque.

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All New Vios TRD Sportivo Released

toyota-vios-trd-sportivo_4The presence of TRD variant is the more complete the line-up Toyota Vios from four to six variants. Variant was accidentally introduced in IIMs as a loyal Toyota customer appreciation addressed to the public at the same time that IIMS is a window for the national automotive industry.

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Developing Gas For Basic Lubrication Materials

gas-site If during this time a lot of car engine oil using mineral oil as the base ingredients, then Shell successfully developing content contained in the natural gas to be converted into a full synthetic lubricant base material. Shell has developed technology of gas-to-liquid (GTL) is able to turn natural gas into a base material for lubricants. This technology was patented in the name of Shell’s rights PurePlus Technology. This technology was first created at Shell Technology Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In a pilot plant in Amsterdam, Shell technology experts has created a catalyst and molecules that will be distilled into a basic material products PurePlus.

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